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self adhesive sealing tapeself adhesive sealing tapeself adhesive sealing tape

self adhesive sealing tape

  • Min. Order Quantity:2000 Square Meters
  • Supply  Ability: 3000000 Square Meters /Month
  • Loading port    :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • Thickness:1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm
  • Width:15mm/20mm/30mm50mm/100mm/as the request
  • Color: black/white
Self-adhesive tape, aluminum or high-density polyethylene asphalt with SBS rubber surface support seal. It is a fast, efficient and cost effective method of repairing and sealing products, resulting in a variety of weather conditions lasting protection.
Product Features
● Provide immediate sealing
● Easy DIY, home manual operation.
● The use of safe, non-polluting
● Provides a wide range of thickness, width, color
◆ Applications
Easy to replace or repair
● Trenching, up and down pipes, skylights
● expansions, porches, window frames and chimneys
● sealed guardrail, valley ditch
● Seal gland bolts and roof
● repair of portable building roof
The operating temperature should be 5'c to 45'c. The installation procedure is as follows:
1. Put only the required length and cut the shape and size required this time.
2. The areas covered by the membrane debris were examined to see if they matched the outline of the labeled substrate.
3. The release film was peeled and the film was carefully peeled to ensure a minimum overlap of 50 mm and to smooth the film from center to edge subduction, entrained air
◆ Packaging
The length of the roll at 2.5 m, 3 m, 5 m, 20 m in rolls of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm
Special size made
Construction requirements
In accordance with the provisions of the metal hatch cover of the ship must prevent water leakage to the transport area. Extreme weather often damages the hatch so that they can easily leak and can cause damage to the goods being transported.
Hatch cover with self-adhesive material, can prevent leakage caused damage to the goods. Tape is a very durable material, to ensure protection in a variety of weather conditions.
It is made of asphaltenes having a suitable viscosity and subjected to a black polypropylene film or an aluminum foil, a blue polypropylene film, etc., from one side and other release liner. Tape 20 m rolls 100 and 150 mm wide are available.
Normal specification:
Thickness: 2mm
Width: 100 mm to 500 mm
Length: 10m-20m
We can also according to the requirements of customers to regulate.
◆ Installation instructions
Before applying the hatch cover with a clean surface, the tape is applied thoroughly to ensure that the hatch is free from salt water.
The surface must be dried before application of the belt.
In cold weather conditions the use of the torch heating belt to achieve better adhesive properties. Flame should be removed after release liner is applied to the black surface. Be careful not to use the torch in fire hazard areas.
After heating, apply pressure to adhere to the tape surface before cooling. This will ensure optimum adhesion.
◆ Storage
Materials should be stored in the dry and ecological areas and within 16 months of receipt of the goods, it is recommended that the storage volume after the original packaging.

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