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self-adhesive bitumen  waterproof tapeself-adhesive bitumen  waterproof tapeself-adhesive bitumen  waterproof tape

self-adhesive bitumen waterproof tape

  • Min. Order Quantity:2000 Square Meters
  • Supply  Ability: 3000000 Square Meters /Month
  • Thickness:1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm
  • Width:15mm/20mm/30mm50mm/100mm/as the request
  • Color: black/white
  • Loading port    :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T

self-adhesive bitumen  waterproof tape

· Product description:


The product is a kind of polymer modified asphalt materials, using polyester carpet or glass mat for the matrix, the surface covered with polyethylene film, aluminum foil or fine sand, the back is covered with a release sheet  ,keep the self-adhesive modified bitumen flexible and waterproof. The product has a good self-adhesive and bending properties.

·    Application:


Construction and other base face is simple, clean, and can be widely used in roofing, basement, bathroom, etc. waterproofing works, and for legislation to pave and stick and pipe wall (except heat pipes), bridges , and other complex environment, especially in open flame is prohibited, covert fire waterproofing works.


·    Product advantages


1. Self adhesion without bonding agent and torching. 

2. Good rubber elasticity and elongation 

3. Excellent binding power 

4. Good self-coalescence 

5. Safe application, no pollution

6. Excellent waterproof and  high strength

7. Corrosion resistance and ageing-resistance

8. Available for wet ground














·   Property


The product meets the industry standard JC 840-1999 “self-adhesive plastic bitumen waterproofing membrane”. The requirements to main physical properties are listed in table 2.

Table 2 physical

Application methods


1. Ensure that the surface is dry and free from dust, rust and loose materials.

2. Prime porous surface e.g. concrete and brick with a bitumen primer or black, bitumen paint, thinned with white spirit, which is allowed to dry.

3. Cut the flashing tape to the required length.

4. Peel back 5cm (approx) of the release backing paper and position carefully. Continue removing the backing paper whilst firmly placing the tape to avoid unnecessary creasing.

5. Smooth down so that the overall contact is complete, and ensure that all air bubbles are removed. Take care not to damage the surface of the tape.

6. Where tape is joined, ensure that there is an overlap of at least 1inch or 2.5cm .

7. After use release pack and store upright in cool and dry conditions.


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