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pe/pp waterproofing membrane for toilet waterproofingpe/pp waterproofing membrane for toilet waterproofingpe/pp waterproofing membrane for toilet waterproofing

pe/pp waterproofing membrane for toilet waterproofing

  • Min .order Quantity:2000 Square Meters
  • Supply Ability     :3 000000 Square Meters/ per Month
  • Port               : QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • thickness          :400g-1500g/ Square Meters
  • width              :1.0-1.2mm
  • length             :100m
Product Description

High polymer polyethylene polypropylene compound waterproof membrane is made from non-woven fabrics,polypropylene and high grade Polyethylene raw material, is a kind of compound type waterproof material with 4 layer flaky materials of enhanced protective layer, ageing resistance layer, waterproofing layer and tackifying and enhanced layer by adding additives .

Product Features

High polymer polyethylene polypropylene compound waterproof membrane is made by multiple-ply different materials, so its performance has been enhanced significantly, especially its aging and weather resistance layer enables the membrane possess more longer service life with up to 50 years.

Both the upper and lower surfaces of it is rough, and non-woven fibers were irregular cross-structure to form three-dimensional mesh so that it has high tensile strength, permeability and good low temperature flexibility, small swelling and friction coefficient and low temperature effect, with strong deformation adaptability, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of adhesives and has a good bonding effect.
High polymer polyethylene polypropylene compound waterproof membrane is a series of polyethylene resin for waterproofing membrane, and it is a non-toxic, pollution-free green product

Fields of application:

The series-XM115-150 multilayered polymer polyethylene fiber waterproofing membrane is suitable for various industrial , civil building roofing , underground waterproofing, and metallurgy , chemical industry , water conservancy, environmental protection , mining and other seepage control projects.

Constration Meathod

Wet laid method:
Base plane treatment → Scraping coat and preparation polymer cement slurry (sand) → Node details treatment (attached layer) → Laid waterproof membrane → half header treatment → The waterproof layer inspection → protective layer's construction

Hang and versa pasting method(Commonly used in tunnel construction):
To install, drill and hang the door → Ready the membrane → Hang and fixed the membrane → Construct the next piece membrane → Membrane and membrane welding → Paste double-sided self-adhesive sealing strip → Remove isolating membrane from membrane's surface → Acceptance checks
Clean up base plane → Ready the membrane → Shoot nails to fix the membrane → Sealing the nails' part → Paste and lap the membrane's long and short side → The node enhance processing → Check and acceptance

Application Procedure

Base plane treatment: Base surface should be smooth, hard, of no dust and no pollution, no loose objects, the base plane should be dry when using wet laid method, wet laid method require the base plane should be smooth, no leakage, no water.
Brush treatment agent when laying membrane, treatment agent should stir to mix well, pasting membrane after brushing uniform and dry, other process does not need base plane treatment agent.
Node details treatment: pipe parts should seal first, then paste the attached layer. Corner positions such as internal and external corner, elevation angle, expansion joint, construction joint and other parts of pasting additional layer. Horizontal and vertical width general ≥250 mm.
Pasting waterproof membrane

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