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china pvc waterproof membranechina pvc waterproof membranechina pvc waterproof membrane

china pvc waterproof membrane

  • Thickness:1.0-2.0mm
  • Width:1-2m
  • Length: 20m
  • Color: White, Green, Black, Grey,other
  • Material: PVC
  • Surface: smooth/textured surface/PET fabric

china pvc waterproof membrane

1. Specification:


PVC waterproof membrane






as customer’s request


White, Green, Black, Grey,other




Smooth/textured surface/PET nonwoven fabric

2. Characteristic:

1.Strong tensile strength, high elongation, can fit big deformation of substrates.

2.Excellent anti-extreme weather property, can adapt to various environment temperature difference.

3.Suitable for exposed projects with long lifetime and good anti-aging property.

4.Can be welded firmly and reliably.

5.Outstanding root penetration resistance, best choice for planted roofs. 

6.Simple and fast construction without pollution.

7.Great plasticity and fast treatment with corners and details.


3. Applicable scope:

PVC sheet forms an effective barrier to liquid water or water vapor in the roof construction for industrial and civil engineering, underground engineering such as subway& tunnel, water conservancy such as water pools & ditch, shelter, grain depot, land filling, dyke, sewage treatment and basement.


4. Cautions:

1. Do not put the membrane on a pollution, water and ice ground.

2. Construction of waterproof layer operations can't be crossed, device shall be installed on the waterproof layer, parts should be done to strengthen the basis of device and to take protective measures.

3. Do not touch the waterproof layer with thorn sharp objects after it's has been completed, don't put sundries or any additional buildings above the waterproof layer to avoid damaging it.



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