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china cheap Non-woven geotextilechina cheap Non-woven geotextilechina cheap Non-woven geotextilechina cheap Non-woven geotextile

china cheap Non-woven geotextile

  • Min. Order Quantity: 10000 Square Meters
  •                      50000 Square Meters with colors
  • Supply  Ability: 18000000 Square Meters /Month
  • Loading port    :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • Thickness:200g~600g/ Square Meter
  • Color: Filament geotextile: white
  • Short Filament geotextile: white/black/red/blue/green/brown .etc.
Non-woven geotextile is made up of fibers of polyester or polypropylene in random directions and punched together by needles during the manufacturing process. Geotextiles are commonly used to separate layers like clay and drainage and to protect liner from damage. While the nonwoven fabric can be used in almost any stabilization, separation or cushioning application, they are most commonly used in areas that also require filtration. The non woven design of the material provides a higher rate of flow through, making it easier for water to pass through the material.

Fabric width1m to 7m.Weight from 60g to 2500 g Excellent pliability, elongation, strength leakage proof property. This geotextile can be made of polypropylene (PP), or polyester (PET), Polyvinyl or synthetic fiber on needle punch machine. The mass is available from 200gsm/m² to 600gsm/m² and the width available from 2.0m-7.0m, monolayer or multilayer (reinforcement geotextiles), long fiber or short fiber. Color: all kinds of color are available. The annual production ability is 10 million square meters.
The fabric can also be heat treated by infrared at customer's requirements. Our geotextile are UV stabilized to give protection against aging under exposure to natural ultra-violet light.


1. tensile and tearing resistance, bursting resistance, resistance to puncture, such as high mechanical strength, is equally grams weighs more than doubling of staple fiber geotextile, especially bursting resistance, strength reached more than 2200 Newton, in the stone slope protection, can effectively prevent irregular stones on the impact of the cloth;
2. good extension performance, stress dispersion and transmission is fast, make the uniformly distributed load;
3. the friction coefficient is big, not easy to slip when construction;
4. good chemical resistance;
5. corrosion resistance;
6. ageing resistance, embedded laid, the service life of more than 50 years;
7. heat resistant, cold resistant performance is good, can withstand 200 ~ 30 ℃ temperature difference and the quality is not affected;


1.  artificial filling foundation movement of ground water.
2.  gravel filter layer surrounding the periphery of the drain pipe drain.
3.  in water conservancy projects wells, relief wells or inclined pipe filter.
4.  for retaining wall backfill reinforcement, or for anchored retaining wall panel.
5.  reinforced flexible pavements, crack repair roads, prevent the reflection cracks of pavement.
6.  internal vertical or horizontal drainage, dissipation of pore water pressure in soil.
7.  water impermeable geomembrane dam or embankment in the lower part of the back or the concrete.
8.  the isolation layer between the road ballast and subgrade, isolation layer or between the embankment and soft foundation.
9.  the isolation layer soil between highway, airport, railway ballast and artificial rock fill and soil fabric.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging packed in roll or as the requirements
Delivery Detail 10-15 days after receiving the 50% deposit by T/T.

 What's is the MOQ?---- Usually, the MOQ is 10000 square meters different items will be different, also we can adjust the MOQ according to your conditions.
 Are the sample charged?-----We can provide you samples for quality inspection, according to our company policy, samples are free, we only charge the freight fee and the fright fee will be refund once you place the order.
 How about the delivery time?-----Samples need 3-5 days, and loading time need 10-15 days after receiving the 50% deposit by T/T.
 What is the Loading Port?-----Qingdao, China .
 What is your Product Warranty?-----We guarantee the products customers receive are qualified. If there are any broken parts, please send us some detailed photos

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