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cheap single-component polyurethane waterproof coatingcheap single-component polyurethane waterproof coatingcheap single-component polyurethane waterproof coating

cheap single-component polyurethane waterproof coating

  • Weigth: 20kg / barrel, 5kg / barrel, 10kg / barrel
  • Min.Order Quantity: 5000kg
  • Supply Ability: 3000000kg / Month
  • Color: Oily Polyurethane: black and red
  •        Waterborne Polyurethane: black / white / green / blue / red / gray. etc
  • Loading port: Qingdao
  • Payment Term: L / C, T / T

(DS-PT-SC) Single-Component Polyurethane
Waterproof Coating

Product Overview > > >

It's a kind of synthetic polymewaterproof material, which can be used on damp ground. After being coated, it will be solidifed into membrane as it can absorb moisture in the air. It avoids having to be mixed or blended on spot before use. The membrane formed after coating is nontoxic, tasteless, highly elastic and therefore is applied to waterproof engineering as a new generation of environment-friendly waterproof coating.


Classification > > >

Classifed as I and II based on tensile property.


Features > > > 

1. Non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, environment friendly
2. Single-component construction, coveniently handled, safety, free from undermixing in
two-component materials
3. Can be constructed on damp base, resistant to acid, alkali, heat, cold and aging
4. Great integrality, elastic airtight seamless layer as flm forms. Waterproof purpose can
be reached in one-time construction. Also, pigment can be added to make colorful decorating
5. Great bonding force with various materials like concrete, masonry, wood, glass, metal and


Scope of Application > > >

1. Applied to waterproof purposes in irregular structures including flat and inclined roof, gutter, canopy
2. Underground waterproof structures, such as concrete floor in basement, interior and exterior walls, tunnels, well pit
3. Waterproof structures such as toilet, kitchen, swimming pool, flower beds, sluice ground, construction joints, expansion joints, wall pipes and outfalls


Application Procedures > > >  

 (1) Base treatment
The base course should be smooth, solid, dry without water, dust, greasy dirt. The low
lying area should be flled to the smooth level.
(2) Additional layer at construction details
As to construction details, such as internal and external angles, pipe roots, movement joints
and additional waterproof layer should be applied. 2 to 4 times of additional coating could be
done (with thickness no less than 1mm). If additional reinforcement material is required, it must
be fully soaked. Polyester non-woven shall be paved at the movement joint before additional
(3) Construction of waterproof layer
Use a plastic or rubber scraper for even coating several times in two vertical directions to
guarantee the cohesion and penetration of coating into base surface. Coating cures in about12
hours at room temperature. The previous coating must cure into non-sticky flm before next
coating. Two or three layers of coatings are needed and additional pavement of glass fiber
cloth or non-woven adds to waterproofng.
(4Construction of the protective layer
In order to enhance the cohesion between waterproof layer and protective layer, coarse
sand can be scattered on the surface before the second layer cures.

Performance Index > > > 


Performance Conforms to Polyurethane Waterproofng Coating(GB/T19250-2003)




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