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adhering asphalt tapeadhering asphalt tapeadhering asphalt tape

adhering asphalt tape

  • Thickness : 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
  • Width: as custmized 
Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Flashing Tape/Flash Band 

The Self-adhesive tape consists of a SBS rubberized asphalt compound which is integrally laminated to Aluminum foil, HDPE ,PET, PP, PE or high density cross-laminated polyethylene film, tape is specifically designed to be self-adhesive to a prepared substrate providing a high-performance waterproofing barrier. it is a quick and effective method of sealing and repairing that produces a lasting protection in all climates .

Model and Specification

Usage and Advantage 
Widely used in replacement or repair of flashing, guttering, down pipes, skylights, extensions, porches, window chimneys, caravans and conservatories ,sealing parapets, valley gutters, seals capping bolts and roof ridges ,roof repair of portable buildings. 
1. Self adhesion without bonding agent and torching
2. Good rubber elasticity and elongation
3. Excellent adhesion bond
4. Good self-coalescence
5. Safe application , no pollution
6. Excellent resistance and ageing resistance
7. Excellent waterproof and high strength
8. Available for wet ground

Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproof Flashing Tape Properties

Construction Method 

Ensure all surfaces are clean , dry and dust-free , remove and loose particles and any rust with a wire brush and soft broom. 
The use of gloves is recommended .
Rough , porous or friable surfaces (such as wood , cement boards, course brickwork, breeze blocks etc.) should be primed with a bituminous primer and allowed to dry in order to improve bonding strength .( we sell primer in 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5 ltr tins) ..
Roll out the flashing strip then cut into the required measured length.
Remove the backing paper(peel back 150mm) and place the adhesive side to the previously prepared surface .
To ensure a tight contact –smooth the tape sown with a dry cloth, removing all the air bubbles.
Press the tape to the surface firmly once in position.

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