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Waterproof Membrane Roof UnderlaymentWaterproof Membrane Roof UnderlaymentWaterproof Membrane Roof Underlayment

Waterproof Membrane Roof Underlayment

  • Min. order Quantity:2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability :1500000 Square meters/month
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • thickness :2mm-5mm
  • width :1m
  • length :7.5m-10m
Product Overview 

This  products is made in the following way: base materials are firstly dipped into asphalt or thermoplastic elastomeric (e.g.SBS), thermoplastic (e.g.APP or APAO) and modified asphalt. Then both surface are coated with elastomeric or plastic asphalt. Fine sands and mineral grains (pieces) or polyethylene membranes are spread or covered on its upper surface, fine sands or polyethylene membranes are spread or covered on its lower surface.

It has a good waterproof performance and aging-resistant capacity. It does not drip in high temperature, nor does break in low temperature. It is easy to use in construction, with no pollution to environment but a long service life.

It has good waterproofing and aging-resistance function, not flowing in high temperature and no crack in low temperature; easy application, no pollution and long service life, etc. SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane is specially suitable to the building waterproofing in cold area and to the building of changeable construction, while APP is especially suitable to areas of high temperature and of strong sun-shining.

Application Scope
Widely used for the waterproofing and damp proofing for roof and basement of various industrial and civil buildings, as well as refrigeration storage, fire pool, swimming pool, metro, tunnel, road & bridge, landfill. sewage treatment, water cannel, and other municipal facilities.

Construction Method
Make sure the roof deck smooth, clean and dry, Water content shall be less than 9%, then apply the surface of roof deck homogenously with a kind bitumen paint, till dry to start application.
One way is by heating and melting method. Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting method to be nearly melted( no flowing),then install the membrane fully bonded to be roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.
The other way is by cold adhesive method. Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck , then roll the membrane to install it to be fully stickled to the roof deck.
By heating and meeting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested.
After application , a full serious inspection is required to sure no air bubble, no fold, no falling away etc. to guarantee the waterproof life .

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