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Sure-weld TPO reinforced membraneSure-weld TPO reinforced membraneSure-weld TPO reinforced membraneSure-weld TPO reinforced membrane

Sure-weld TPO reinforced membrane

  • Thickness: 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
  • Width: 2.05m
  • Length:20m /roll
Thermoplastic Polyolefin Waterproofing Membrane

Product Overview

A new type waterproof sheet made from TPO synthetic resin as raw material, which composited by ethylene-propylene through advanced polymerization technology of combing, adding anti oxidants, anti-agent, softener. It is a synthetic polymer, which polyester fiber mesh cloth ad inner strength material.

Good property. With weather resistance and low tender degree of EPDM and welding property of PVC. Wide roll width, easy for construction, hot air welding method, whole sealing. Weather resistance, easy for maintenance, recycling, met with environment protection and a competitive price. TPO is now widely used in our country, is one of the most quick material. Anti-aging, high strength, big elongation. Can be used on wet roof, without protection layer, no pollution.

Application Scope

Waterproofing and moisture proof for drinking water reservoir. washing room, underground, tunnel, grain depot, railway, light steel roof face.

Executive Standard (GB27789-2011) 

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