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Self adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane /self adhesive roofing feltSelf adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane /self adhesive roofing feltSelf adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane /self adhesive roofing felt

Self adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane /self adhesive roofing felt

  • Min. order Quantity: 2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability     : 1500000  Square meters/month
  • Port               :QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • thickness          : 1.2m,1.5m,2.0m
  • width              :0.98m-1.05m
  • length            :10m-20m


Selfadhesive bitumen waterproof membrane is produced with SBS elastomer and bitumen as raw materials, using polyethylene film/aluminium foil coated on the upward or no file(both side self-adhesive) while self adhesive protection layer on the downward surface.It has a widely prospect new contruction waterproof materials. Good selfadhesion, no leaking,cold flexibility,especially in self-adhesion. That is unque product in waterproof and application.




1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm


1m , 2m


10m/roll  15m/roll  20m/roll


Sliver Aluminum foil , HDPE

Temperature range

-25℃  to 100 ℃


1.Super adhesive 

Jiuding hongtai self-developed reaction sticky glue, it can adhere with concrete base through the synergy of chemical crosslinking and physical mortise reaction bonding, bonding solid and long time irreversible, the bond strength is more than the physical binding of the waterproof sheet membrane.

2. Excellent self-healing property

Since the adhesive layer of elastic creep, it owns excellent self-healing property and local self-locking water performance. Self-healing can be effective against the construction process of waterproof materials by the sharp prick, falling weight affected, such as local self-locking performance may effectively prevent the channeling water occuring at the interarea.

3 Superior physical properties

Larger tensile strength and elongation, applicability for scaling and cracking deformation of the interarea.

4 Energy conservation and environmental protection

Energy conservation and environmental protection, cold applied, just tore isolation layer off, can be bonded firmly at the interarea.


Construction method

There are three construction method: pre-applied method, wet-applied method, self adhesive method.

Pre-applied method: pave the waterproof sheet membrane to the interarea without adhere,, make the self-adhesive face up, peel off the insulation material on the surface , and then pouring the concrete, after the concrete is solidified, firmly adhered to self adhered membrane surface 100%, and form sealed waterproof layer.

Wet-applied method: scraping cement slurry on the surface of the interarea one time, the plain cement paste thickness generally 1.5 - 2.5 mm ,torn off the isolating film of the self-adhesive membrane surface , pave to the interarea well-proportioned, roll to pressure exhaust.

Adhere method: paint the interarea treatment agent on the dry, plain and not dust interarea, after it is dry, remove the isolation film of the self-adhesive surface, then adhere to the interarea directly.


1 all kinds the waterproof and permeability of underground project , such as basement, civil air defense works;

2 industrial and civil building roof and exterior wall waterproof.

3 municipal engineering and water pool, swimming pool and subway tunnel waterproof.

4 it is especially suitable for the use of no open flame oil depot, chemical plant, textile plant, grain depot and so on .

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