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SBS asphalt waterproof membrane used for constructionSBS asphalt waterproof membrane used for constructionSBS asphalt waterproof membrane used for construction

SBS asphalt waterproof membrane used for construction

  • Min. Order Quantity: 2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability: 1500000 Square meter / month
  • Payment Term: L / C, T / T
  • Thickness: 2mm-5mm
  • width: 1m, 1.05m
  • length: 7.5m-10m
  SBS modified asphalt waterproof membrane


SBS elastomer modified bitumen membrane is SBS (styrene-butadiene - styrene) thermoplastic elastomer modified bitumen as dip coating materials of high quality polyester felt, fiberglass mat, cloth compound tire for tires based on fine sand, minerals (film), PE film, aluminum and other other materials for cladding, using special mechanical mixing and grinding of the elastomer modified bitumen membrane. 


a) Conforms to national standards

b) SBS modified asphalt waterproof membrane is specially used as waterproof material in cold area

c) APP is especially suitable for areas of high temperatures and strong sun shine


SBS / APP bitumen waterproof membrane is widely used for industrial and civil building-
waterproof and dampproof of roofs, building walls, swimming pools, roads, basements, toilets etc; and the waterproofing of the bridge, parking areas, tunnels, etc.

application form

1.Make sure the roof deck smooth, clean and dry (Moisture & lt; 9%), then apply to the surface of the roof deck homogeneously with a kind bitumen paint to dry to start the application.

2.There are two methods of application

One way is by heating and melting method --- Heat the polyethylene film and membrane roof deck surface by heating and melting means that almost melted (not flowing), then install the membrane fully bonded to the roof deck with overlaps 5 -10cm.
The other way is by means of cold adhesive --- pour cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck and then roll the membrane install it to be fully sticked to the roof deck.
By heating and melting process and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation with the application as requested.

3.After application, a serious full inspection is necessary to ensure that no air bubble,
   no fold, no falling away etc to guarantee the waterproof life.

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