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SBS Asphalt Waterproof MembraneSBS Asphalt Waterproof MembraneSBS Asphalt Waterproof MembraneSBS Asphalt Waterproof Membrane

SBS Asphalt Waterproof Membrane

  • Min. order Quantity:2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability :1500000 Square meters/month
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • thickness :2mm-5mm
  • width :1m,1.05m
  • length :7.5m-10m
SBS based on (styrene-butadiene-styrene) thermoplastic elastomer modified asphalt coating material to high-quality polyester carpet, glass fiber mat, glass fiber reinforced polyester mat as the fetal base, fine sand, minerals PE film, aluminum film for the cladding materials, the use of special mechanical mixing, grinding made of elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.
Product Features
1, impervious performance.
2, high tensile strength, elongation, good dimensional stability of the base shrinkage deformation and cracking ability to adapt.
3, high and low temperature performance, suitable for low temperature environment of the building waterproof.
4, resistance to puncture, resistance to broken, tear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, mildew-resistant, good weathering performance.
5, the construction is convenient, hot-melt construction of the four seasons can operate, reliable joints.
Scope of application:
  Can be widely used in various fields and types of waterproofing works, the most suitable for the following types of projects:
· Various industrial and civil construction roofing waterproofing
· Waterproofing and moisture-proofing of industrial and civil construction underground works and waterproofing of structures such as indoor swimming pool and fire-fighting pool;
· Subway, tunnel, concrete pavement of the bridge deck, sewage treatment plant, landfill and other municipal works waterproof;
Water canals, pools and other water conservancy facilities.
Packaging \ storage and transportation
Storage and transportation, different types and specifications of the product should be stacked, should not be mixed. Storage temperature should not be higher than 50 ℃, the vertical storage, not more than two layers;
In the course of transport, the membrane must be put up, stacking height of not more than two. To prevent the tilt or horizontal pressure, if necessary, stamped with sheet;
In the normal storage, transport conditions, storage period from the date of production a year.
Construction points
● Construction method
- Coil and the base and the membrane and the membrane of the adhesive, can be hot-melt method, cold stick method, thermal bonding method. Widely used hot-melt method, the roof can also be used cold-hot and hot melt composite method.
● Prepare the primary layer
- Waterproof base should be flat, solid, and fully dry, detailed structure in line with relevant specifications and design requirements.
● Detail Constructs a node
- General details such as the two sides of the yin and yang, gutter, gutter, deformation joints and other parts of the relevant norms by additional layer of additional dedicated membrane, complex details such as rain, pipes and other parts of the root should be an additional waterproof coating, Forming a composite waterproofing layer composed of a web, a coating film and a sealing material. General site additional layer roll full of sticky in the basement, stress concentration and deformation joints should be empty shop.
● Paving and bonding of large-sized rolls
· Level - covered with a heavy layer of flat sheet and the grass should be empty shop, waterproof exposed roof project, coil and grass should be sticky, sticky, but also full of sticky, coil and membrane must be full of sticky.
· Vertical facade - Coil and base, roll and web must be fully adhered.
Lap - Coil lap with the membrane roll should generally be the former shop lap on the shop rolled material, lap area 100% full lap width should meet the relevant specification requirements.
· Vertical vertical head closing - metal pressure and the screw mechanical fixed, the edge of the special coating paste sealant paste.
● Protection isolation layer construction
- the outer surface of the waterproof layer should be in accordance with the relevant norms or design requirements to set the protective layer, roofing projects in the use of shale or mineral aggregate coated membrane to do when the exposed waterproof layer, without a separate protective layer; membrane waterproof layer And the rigid protective layer should be located between the isolation layer, can be empty shop a layer of fetal tire felt.
Construction Precautions
Rain, snow and wind five days or more shall not be construction;
* Construction site safety protection facilities, according to the provisions of placing fire equipment.

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