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Reinforced PVC Waterproof MembraneReinforced PVC Waterproof MembraneReinforced PVC Waterproof Membrane

Reinforced PVC Waterproof Membrane

  • Min .order Quantity:3000 Square Meters
  • Supply Ability :3000000 Square Meters/ per Month
  • Loading Port :QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • Thickness : 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm
  • Width :1.0m,1.2m,2.0m,2.05m

product description
(PVC) waterproofing membrane is a high-performance, high-polymer waterproof sheet, PVC resin by adding plasticizers, anti-ultraviolet agents, anti-aging agents, stabilizers and other processing aids, Through the extrusion production of polymer waterproofing membrane molding. The product has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elongation, good stability, low shrinkage, good low temperature flexibility, good anti-aging performance, strong resistance to root penetration, long service life, especially recommended by the Ministry of Construction. Width of 2.05 meters, so as to reduce the number of seams for the waterproof layer hidden dangers, and PVC thermoplastic thermoplastic membrane can be given to the hot-air welding and alert fixed performance, which completely solved the problem has been plagued by the construction industry due to glue performance Poor leakage caused by leakage problems. Product width 1.05 meters, 2.05 meters, 2.1 meters, thickness 0.8,1.0,12,1.5,2.0 mm, the standard length of 2.0m (special specifications can be customized), product quality and reliable, convenient construction. This product has a unique product formula, the product life is far beyond the general waterproof material, the entire waterproof system long life, roof more than 30 years, more than 50 years underground, in construction, civil engineering has been widely used.
Key points of construction
1. Long service life, anti-aging, roofing materials can be used for more than 30 years, underground up to 50 years.
2. Tensile strength, high elongation, heat treatment size changes small.
3. Low temperature flexibility, good adaptability to environmental temperature changes.
4. Resistance to root permeability, can be made into planting roof.
5. Anti-perforation and impact resistance.
6. Construction is convenient, wide wide lap less, welding, solid and reliable and pollution-free.
7. Chemical resistance, suitable for special occasions.
8. Has a good plasticity, corner detailing convenient and quick.
9. Easy maintenance, low cost.
10. Light color of the surface reflection of ultraviolet radiation, the first surface of the West less heat, low temperature.
11. Coil has a good water vapor diffusion, condensate easy to release, leaving the grass-roots moisture, moisture easily discharged. In this case,
Product Categories
N1 ... no composite layer exposed type waterproof material. (Mainly used in exposed roof waterproofing details of the deal)
N2 ... non-exposed non-composite layer of waterproof material. (Mainly used in non-exposed waterproof details of the deal)
L1 ... fiber single-sided composite exposed waterproof material. (Mainly used in exposed-type roof waterproof layer of large surface use)
L2 ... fiber single-sided composite non-exposed type waterproof material. (Mainly for non-exposed waterproof layer of large surface use)
W1 ... fabric to enhance the exposed type waterproof material. (Mainly used in exposed roof waterproofing)
W2 ... Non-exposed waterproof material in fabric. (Mainly used in non-exposed type waterproof layer)
Dongsheng PVC waterproof membrane has a unique product formula, the product life is far beyond the general waterproof material, membrane excellent performance so that it is widely used in various fields of waterproofing.
(1) for industrial and civil construction of the roof waterproofing, including planting roof, flat roof, slope roof.
(2) building underground water: including reservoirs, dams, pools, drains and various parts of the basement waterproof.
(3) tunnels, grain depots, air defense projects, landfills, artificial lake water.

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