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Polyester mat transfixed bitumen waterproof membranePolyester mat transfixed bitumen waterproof membranePolyester mat transfixed bitumen waterproof membranePolyester mat transfixed bitumen waterproof membrane

Polyester mat transfixed bitumen waterproof membrane

  • Type: Waterproof Membrane
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Dongsheng
  • Model Number: DS-PY
  • width: 1.2m
  • weight: 120g-450g/square meter
  • color: white, green
Polyester mat transfixed in Machine Direction for bitumen waterproof membrane

1. Introduction:
Dongsheng Polyester Mat Sheet adopted polyester clip as the host material with super strength. Unique technology creates products with excellent properties such as uniform surface, high tear strength and high porosity. The fibers are continuous. It is a kind of reinforcement for APP/SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane. It is a new favorite of the waterproofing industry and the construction industry and has the following excellent characteristics.

2. Application:
1.An ideal substrate material for asphalt roofing rolls shingles.
2. An excellent basic material for waterproof building materials.
3. Act as the lining for roof insulation layers to protect polyester foam insulation from the damage caused by chemical solvents in bitumen so as to prolong the lifetime of heat insulation layer.
4. Mainly used for pool storing water, flooring, underground, the surface of bridge, waterproof project and corrosion-resistant indoor ground building bases.

3. Characteristic:
- impermeable
- flexible at low temperatures
- resistant to thermal aging
- high resistance to ultra-violet radiation
- high adhesive power
- withstand acids and inorganic salts
- maintains impermeability anti rupture of the
Non-woven fabric
- does not stick at high temperatures.

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