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PVC sheet internally reinforced with fiber glass meshPVC sheet internally reinforced with fiber glass meshPVC sheet internally reinforced with fiber glass meshPVC sheet internally reinforced with fiber glass mesh

PVC sheet internally reinforced with fiber glass mesh

  • Thickness:1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
  • Width: 1m/2.05m
  • Length:10/20m or according to the request 
PVC waterproof membrane is made by putting antioxidant, antiager, plastizer, ultraviolet light absorber into polyvinyl chloride. Production tecchniques include kneading, mixing, extrusion and calendering. 

According to the constituent, it can be divided into
1. homogeneous sheet (code: H),
2. fibre-backed sheet (code: L),
3. sheet internally reinforced with fabric (code: P),
4. sheet internally reinforced with fibre glass (code: G),
5. sheet with fabic backing and reinforcement of glass fiber (code: GL).

Production features
1.With great tensile strength and elongation.
2. With good performance in temperature and weather resistance.
3. With superb performance in anti-puncture, impact resistance and root resistance.
4. Simply applied in construction.
5. No open fire or volatility of harmful solvent, safe, envrionment friendly, no pollution.
6. Enough width reduces overlapping joint, which guarantees quality of the structure and reduces consumption of sheet.
7. Long service life, has good moisture diffusivity, aging resistance.
8. resistance to ultraviolet radiation, chemical corrosion resistance, resistant to root penetration. high mechanical strength, root permeability resistance, weather resistance and ultraviolet linear resistance, resistance to hail.

Where to use
The product is applied in waterproof, anti-permeability, anti-pollution engineering in fileds of civil buildings, roads, pond, reservoir, railway, caves, tunnels, water conservancy projects, chemical industry, environmental protection, and landfill etc

Typical properties

Construction method

Cold sticking adhesion
It's applied to side wall of basement, basement roofing. PVC sheet can be bonded tight by special adhesive with the base course, playing the role of insulation,protection and buffer.

Melt adhesion
1. The PVC waterproofing membrane should be paved smoothly without bending, drooping, strain, wrinkles, damage etc.
2. The solder side shall be cleaned and kept dry before seam welding. The angle between welding tip and welding direction should be 45o. Compression roller and welding tip parallel with a distance of about 5mm. Bright-colored melting appears around welding tip. Solder skips, skip welding, scorch and infirm welding shall be forbidden.
3. At single-seam welding, the lap width shall be no less than 60mm for roofing project and no less than 100mm for underground project. As to double-seam welding, the reserved lap width depends on different welding machines.
4. The closing end of sheet is fastened by special trim strip, with maximum distance of no less than 900 mm between nails. Sealing compound and cement mortar are used for final sealing and covering.

Storage and Delivery

1. Products of different kinds and specifications shall be placed separately without being mixed.
2. Avoid being exposed to the sun and ventilation is very important.
3. The product should be stored below 45℃,with height less than 5 layers. Avoid contact with acid, alkali, oily objects and organic solvent.
4. When transported, avoid being tilted or pressed. Tarpaulin is needed if necessary.
5. Under normal storage and delivery conditions, one-year storage lifetime from day of production.

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