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PE PET composite waterproofing membrane good qualityPE PET composite waterproofing membrane good qualityPE PET composite waterproofing membrane good qualityPE PET composite waterproofing membrane good quality

PE PET composite waterproofing membrane good quality

  • Min .order Quantity:2000 Square Meters
  • Supply Ability     :3 000000 Square Meters/ per Month
  • Port               : QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • thickness          :400g-1500g/ Square Meters
  • width              :1.0-1.2m
  • length             :100m


High polymer polyethylene Polypropylene membrane waterproof for bathrooms         
PP& PE compound membrane waterproof material for walls is made by multiple-ply different materials, especially its aging and weathering resistance layer enables the
membrane possess more longer effective age. It can bond with many kinds of adhesions,
firm and secure. In case of cement-base, cementations agent can be used,
the cementations agent can easily enter into the non-woven felt layer, forms a
well-combination with cement after solidification, permanent durability.


Core Material: PE, EVA
Color: black, white,grey
Weight: 300g/m2,400g/m2,500g/m2  or customized
Length: 100M, 50M or customized
Width: 1.15M, 1.20M, 1M
Thickness: 0.5mm-1.5mm
Technics: Heat synthesis


1. Non-toxic, no pollution, environmental protecting product.
2. Can be used for many different surfaces, especially for cement basement.
3. Tough, impermeable, multi-layered sheet;
4. High tension strength, good cold flexibility.

Products used in roofing, basement, restroom, water conservation, warehouse to protect structure from water infiltration.

Construction Method

1)The basic level must be clean, keeping moist.

2)Preparing cement paste, containing cement weighing 10% -15% polyvinyl binder,Mixing must be homogeneous,No precipitation,No clot,No segregation phenomenon can be used.

3)Before the construction of the main roof waterproof layer,firstly, the drainage and the places of complex structure should be dealled with well.  The waterproof membrane on the the additional layer is the same as the main waterproof layer.

4)The seal material can use poly ether type polyurethane, if use other sealing materials , they should be free of mineral oil, petrolatum and other chemical substances affecting the performance of polyethylene products.

5)Corner should be paved by the additional layer; yin and yang angle, etc. are made of R = 20mm arc-shaped.

6)Waterproofing membrane should be paved, adhesive should be homogeneous on the basic level surface, after that immediately pave the waterproof membrane , in case of affecting the bond quality.

7)Paving the waterproofing membrane shall not wrinkle, not forcibly stretch the membrane, the air  and the excess adhesive below the membrane should be dealled with well while paving the membrane, ensure the membrane spliced well with the primary surface and between the layers of membrane.

8)The lap width of the waterproofing membrane shall be not less than 100mm.

9)Upper-and-lower level and the adjacent membrane should be staggered to one-third of magnitude.
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