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JS cement composite waterproof coating for Building roofJS cement composite waterproof coating for Building roofJS cement composite waterproof coating for Building roof

JS cement composite waterproof coating for Building roof

  • Weigth: 20kg / barrel, 5kg / barrel, 10kg / barrel
  • Min.Order Quantity: 5000kg
  • Supply Ability: 3000000kg / Month
  • Color: Oily Polyurethane: black and red
  •        Waterborne Polyurethane: black / white / green / blue / red / gray. etc
  • Loading port: Qingdao
  • Payment Term: L / C, T / T

(DS-PT-JS) Polymer cement (JS)
waterproof coating

Production Descriptions > > >


It’s double-component water-borne waterproof coating water film, with poly emulsion as the main material, and added with padding and other additives. It’s curing film as a result of evaporation and dehydration of cement.


Classification > > >

1.According to physical and mechanical properties :Type Ⅰ ,Type Ⅱ and Type Ⅲ .
2.Type Ⅰ is used for base course with many activities, Type Ⅱ and Type Ⅲ for base course with fewer activities.


Features > > >

1. As water-based paint , it’s non-toxic, harmless, causing no pollution, environment
2. The coating has great tensile strength and good weather fastness, waterproof.
3. The application is not affected by moisture content in base course .It can be applied to
damp base and bonded tightly and firmly.
4. It has good self-healing performance. The seams in coating heal and close after physical
and chemical action with the help of water.

Construction Method > > >

1. Most suitable for waterproofing, seepage proofing and damp proofing in engineering
like washing rooms, kitchens, floor , balcony and so forth. It can also be part of  multi channel
waterproofing projects for roofing of Grade Ⅰ and Grade Ⅱ .
2. Products of type Ⅰ to apply to waterproof engineering in short-term water immersion,
while products of Type Ⅱ apply to the construction on walls confronting water or the side of
wall .When applied to long-term water-immersed parts, its waterproofing conformance shall
conform to relevant requirements.




Performance Index > > >

Performance conforms to Requirements of Polymer Cement Waterproof Coating




Application Procedures > > >

1Base treatment
Surface of base course shall be smooth, solid, free from acute angles, dust and water. Waterproof node treatment shall be conducted in accordance with the design. The oil stains should be cleared and low-lying or damaged area need to be repaired
The mixture is made based on proper ratio of liquid, and water specified on the package. The quantity of water can be adjusted according to the viscosity of coating, helping to meet the construction demand in different parts of transverse and longitudinal face. The mixture is made by frst pouring liquid and water into the agitation vat and then adding powder slowly, at the same time stir for 5 minute until it is evenly stirred to be pulp without block mass.
3Additional waterproof layer at construction details
In accordance with the design, fill sealing materials in the reserved grooves. Paint 2 to 4
times at detail position like international angles as well as pipe roots. And pave an extra layer of
reinforcement materials for underground engineering
4Construction of waterproof layer
Times of coating, at least four times, are required, with 8-hour intervals, longer in winter,
between coatings. No water is added for construction on vertical surfaces to avoid flowing
coating causing failure to conform to the designed thickness .Also, the redundant thickness at
internal and external angle crack. When paving an additional layer of reinforcement materials, the
base shall be smooth without wrinkles, with less than 100mm.During construction, one coating is
required and then followed by another.
5Construction of the protective layer
Before the acceptance of waterproof coating, protective isolation layer must be constructed
in accordance with the designer.

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