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High polymer TPO sheet waterproofing membraneHigh polymer TPO sheet waterproofing membraneHigh polymer TPO sheet waterproofing membrane

High polymer TPO sheet waterproofing membrane

  • Min .order Quantity:3000 Square Meters
  • Supply Ability     :3000000 Square Meters/ per Month
  • Port               :QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • thickness          : 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm
  • width              :1.0m,1.2m,2.0m,2.05m
  • length             : 20m(Above quantities are indicative only. We can produce it according to your demands).

Product Description

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof sheet membrane is a kind of polymer waterproof material, which is made of the advanced processing technology. TPO membranes both the ethylene propylene diene rubber weather resistance, aging resistance and polypropylene weld ability. In addition, it also has the chemical corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good dimensional stability and the advantages of using a lap welding, high strength sealing and waterproof layer is formed.


Easy to use, is economical and quick covering product.Excellent aging resistance, long service life, it has a strong anti-aging and anti ultraviolet, ozone and general roof chemicals performance

The application scope is wide, can replace the existing all kinds of waterproof coiled material for waterproof engineering.

Waterproof effect is very reliable, long service life, good effect.

Green environmental protection, its bright surface will reflect most of the sun, thereby reducing the cooling costs of buildings.

In the process of using, the heat sealing and welding performance is always maintained, and the maintenance is convenient.

In general, the air laying process is adopted, and the whole waterproof layer is formed by the mechanical fixing method, and the cold sticking method is applicable to all kinds of construction of cement concrete base layer.

Key points of air laying method:Method for connecting coiled material and basic level by mechanical confinement. Construction and longitudinal lap width shall not be less than 120mm, the 50mm for fixing piece and the fixing piece attached under the waterproof layer; L type transverse material by docking, and large and 250mm wide homogeneous homogeneous sheet reinforced repair welding.

Cold bonding method:The construction method of the coiled material on the base layer is adhered to the base layer by using the special matching adhesive. Full or partial bonding.

Seam quality assurance:Heat sealing welding, welding edge due to the melt overflow, should not leak welding, welding, burning or welding is not strong phenomenon, welding shall not damage the non welded parts of the coil.


Widely used in roofing, underground, tunnel, subway, bridge and garbage, artificial lake and other waterproof, impervious project.


Storage: flat storage ,the height should not be more than 5 layers,it is prohibited to touch with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents. Storage temperature should not beyond 45℃, storage period should not be more than one year.

Transportation: horizontal lying, the height should not be more than 5 layers, prevent inclined or cross pressure, prevent the sun and rain.

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