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Good quality PVC tunel underground waterproofing membraneGood quality PVC tunel underground waterproofing membraneGood quality PVC tunel underground waterproofing membraneGood quality PVC tunel underground waterproofing membrane

Good quality PVC tunel underground waterproofing membrane

  • Min .order Quantity:3000 Square Meters
  • Supply Ability     :3000000 Square Meters/ per Month
  • Port              :QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term      :L/C,T/T
  • thickness         : 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm
  • width             :1.0m,1.2m,2.0m,2.05m
  • length            : 20m(Above quantities are indicative only. We can produce it according to your demands).

Product description

  The PVC waterproofing rolls formulas are based upon polyvinyl chloride resin with other assistants added to provide flexibility and stability such as anti-oxidant,absorbent of ultraviolet light, plasticizer and plastic filling ag PVC waterproofing membrane is a highly-engineered,new-type membrane manufactured using polyvinyl chloride as main materials and added other chemicals such as anti-oxidant,anti-UV materials to make it flexible,stable and UV-resistant.

Product features

  1. High tension, perfect elongation, perfect heating resistance.
  2.Perfect jointing, it can be used with base as a whole after heating jointing .
  3. High permeability, chilling material and moisture can be expelled easily.
  4. Good cold flexibility.
  5. Service life can reach 50 years long with no pollution.
  6. Surface can reflect UV. the temperature on the surface is low due to little absorbing healt.

Application range

   PVC membranes form an effective barrier to liquid water or water vapor in the roof construction for industrial and civil engineering, underground engineering such as subway & tunnel, water conservancy such as water pools & ditch, shelter, grain depot, land filling, dyke, sewage treatment and basement.

Construction methods

According to the characteristics of the different projects ,  general used mechanical fixation method ,  gasket and fixed method, border adhibiting and full adhibiting method.The seam is welded by automatic hot air welding machine.

Mechanical fixation method

  Used for roof engineering  ( especially applicable to metal roofing waterproof processing ) . According  the engineering situation to calculate the fixed pitch and quantity ,  in order to meet the requirements of buoyancy wind resistance.Using special metal gasket and tapping screws to fix, applicable to different base.Construction fast, safe and reliable.

Gasket and fixed method

  Used in the body of underground engineering,  wall and side wall arch of piercing tunnel , avoid the influence of  flatnessand humidity from grass-roots,the special PVC gasket maket coil to adapt the grassroots deformation ability strongly ,  construction is convenient.

Border adhibiting method

  For the basement floor, roof, floor of a building ,roof,roof of  traffic  pedestrian and other engineering , not adhesive and fixed , after laying directly with hot air welder of the coil welded splices, necessarily , in the waterproof layer add a layer of geotextile as a protective layer. Construction is simple and quick , not affected by environmental, reduce the construction cost.

Full adhibiting method

  For the basement side wall and exposed roof. Select L polyvinyl chloride coiled , the use of special adhesive to stick the non-woven of coil surface and the basic level together, non-woven below the coil play q role of isolation, protection and buffering.

Packing delivery

  PACKAGE: packed in roll with thick poly bag.
 Delivery: within 1 week after receiving the deposit.

Our service

We value every inquiry sent to us and ensure a quick competitive offer. If you order to us, we can promise the quality. We put your order into our tight production schedule to ensure you punctual  delivery time and  send shipping notice to you as soon as your  order is shipped .  We respect your feedback after you have received the goods .  Because we have more than 10 years of experience in waterproof industry ,  all our products conform to national standard ! We can promise an excellent service and a prompt delivery! Your order is welcome at any time!

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