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EPDM waterproof membrane for roofingEPDM waterproof membrane for roofing

EPDM waterproof membrane for roofing

  • Min. order Quantity:2000 Square Meter
  • Supply Ability 300000 Square Meter/ per Month
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T,
  • Width :1m,1.2m
  • Thickness :1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm
  • Length :100m
EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane (referred to as EPDM membrane) to EPDM rubber mixed with the right amount of butyl rubber, curing agent, accelerator, softener and reinforcing agent, by mixing, pull-filter , Extrusion and other processes from processing. Because of the absence of double bonds in the main chain of the ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber structure, the main chain of the ethylene propylene diene monomer has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, And high tensile strength, elongation, adaptability to the base of stretching or cracking, value, light weight, wide temperature range (-40 ~ +80 ℃ range can be long-term use), is a highly efficient waterproof material . It can also be cold construction, easy to operate, reduce environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of workers. There are vulcanized and non-vulcanized type
Product Usage
Various industrial, civil buildings, structures waterproof, seepage, all kinds of underground works waterproof and non-leakage parts of the waterproofing works. ※ Construction Technology: 1. Roof construction basic requirements: A: grass roots need 1: 2.5 cement mortar into a 20-30mm thick leveling layer, should be flat calendering, solid solid, flat, can not afford to sand, not Convex, loose, drum package, Ma face and other phenomena exist. The flatness shall be checked by a 2m-long ruler, and the gap between the leveling layer and the straightedge shall not exceed 5mm B: The surface of the leveling layer shall be dry and the cement mortar shall have sufficient strength and its moisture content shall not exceed 9%. C: The connection between the leveling layer and the protruding roof structure (parapet, chimney, etc.) and the corner shall be made into a circular arc with a radius of 20mm, and a low depression should be made around the water outlet for drainage. D: leveling slope and the water should be consistent with the design and related requirements. 2. Process: clean up the grass-roots additional layer of the surface treatment of the adhesive surface of the adhesive layer of adhesive adhesive membrane exhaust compaction and sealing the end of the membrane to do the protection layer 3. Operation: A: clean the grass: Acceptance of the grass-roots level to re-clear Yin clean. B: additional layer: yin and yang angle, pipe root, water, and other special parts must first do additional layer. Can be coated with polyurethane or roll with a layer of membrane. C: the primary and coil surface coating: the membrane spread in the clean grassroots, with a long roller brush dipped (401 or 404) adhesive, evenly coated on the membrane, followed by coating in the primary construction, Brushing can not be repeated in the same place brushing, so as not to form a gel. Tube root, the mouth and other special parts with a plate brush brushing. D: Coil with the primary coating, dry to the binder after drying, the general hand does not bond, can be paving. 4. Roofing membrane paste: A: From the downhill gradient of the water began to eject the standard line, the coil should be long to the direction of the vertical direction and the flow of water. B: When you roll out a roll of material, should immediately use a soft long roller brush from the coil side of the roll toward the material side of the rolling force again, completely ruled out between the membrane and the grass-roots wear. If you can not rule out the bubble, do not cut the membrane to self-exhaust, so as not to affect the overall waterproofing effect. C: Coil bonding
Do not pave the self-adhesive web on the frozen base;
Can not be polluted and high water content of the grass-roots construction;
Self-adhesive membrane packaging and isolation paper can only shop before and when the shop tattoo removed;
When the sealant is used up, tighten the container tightly;
Storage and transportation
Materials should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment, to prevent sun and rain. Different types, specifications of the membrane should be stacked separately.
Stacking height of not more than 5 layers as well, vertical not more than 2 layers.
Under normal conditions, the storage date is one year (from the date of production)

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