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EPDM rubber sheet for swimming linerEPDM rubber sheet for swimming linerEPDM rubber sheet for swimming liner

EPDM rubber sheet for swimming liner

  • Thickness: 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Length: 20m/roll
Product Overview

EPDM Waterproof membrane is produced with globally advanced equipment based on cold feeding extrusion and continous vulcanization technology through mixing, refining, filtering, extrusion molding, continous vulcanization, and inspection, adopting EPDM rubber supplied by US DuPont and high quality raw materials in domestic China.



Vulcanized elastic polymer with outstanding size stability and weather fastness, durable and long-lasting;
High and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, chemical medium corrosion resistance, and long service life;
High tensile strength (over 7.5 Mpa) and extremely high elongation (over 450%) to adapt to structural deformation;
Applicable to waterproofing for various roofs and underground structures, especially structures in severe cold regions and easily affected by vibration and deformation;
Single-ply exposed roofing or underground waterproof system are available;
Strongly recommended by Chinese Ministry of Construction.

Executive Standard (GB18173.1-2012) 

Construction Method

EPDM waterproof system is comprised of EPDM waterproof membrane, system accessory, system design, and construction. The system adopts advanced and mature process, which has been proved to be reliable by over 30 large projects domestic and overseas. It includes complete application technologies like full-width adhering method, perimeter adhering method, mechanical fixing method, system supporting material, node design, and construction process to meet user’s needs according to architectural design.

Full-width adhering method: adhering EPDM membrane with base course glue, including point-adhering method and strip-adhering method;

Border adhering method: referring to the process that adheres EPDM membrane with base course only along the perimeter(such as parapet wall, pipe root, and other protrusions).

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