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Building polymer cement waterproof coatingBuilding polymer cement waterproof coating

Building polymer cement waterproof coating

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 kg
  • Supply Ability: 3 million kg / month
  • Color: oily polyurethane: black and red
  •            Waterborne polyurethane: black / white / green / blue / red / gray. and many more
  • Port: Qingdao
  • Payment: L / C, T / T
  • Weight: 20kg / pail, 5kg / barrel, 10 kg / barrel

Building polymer cement waterproof coating


Simple details


category: Other waterproof material.

Brand: Dongsheng


Bale & Amp; amp; transport; # 038; AMP AMP transport; 






It is a waterproof coating, polymer cement was early. Polymer cement coating is a two-component coating composition having high waterproof emulsion an additional component, acrylic acid changes and B. including iron, which is rich in high alumina cement. Yield depends on the polymerization of acrylic acid esters Emulsion type. (200%), a film having a high growth rate. Never use those frozen environment.



If you use

Bathroom and kitchen and porch floor.
Waterproof layer.
In the permanent structure, not to soak the water environment.

worth it

Environmentally friendly paint is water-based.
Water and weather resistance and tensile strength.
This is the wet surface, and can be applied to test the seal.
And cold comfort in the application.
Water and moisture-proof and water ..






Test Methods



ASTM D 2240 from

lose weight


ASTM C 1250 standards

Reducing the low temperature

It will not be destroyed

ASTM C 1305 standards

Film thickness (vertical).

1.5 mm ± 0.1 Mirimetoru

ASTM C 836

After participation in a bowl of water.

In 175N / M

ASTM C 794

After a bowl mandatory choice test.

MASE insulated surface

ASTM C 836

Hear after aging scalability

6.4 mm (Note 1) there is no difference.

ASTM C 1522 standards


≥6 months

ASTM C 836




These ones Drying process material is stored in a sealed tank and exhaust, and must Rain and sun. Stored at a temperature not trigger near Source can not exceed 40 ℃, normal service life of 12 months.




There Is a need to avoid exposure to rain and sun. During transmission prohibit open flames.


operating system


Construction System

He began to paint more layers of waterproofing membrane system 

1.7 Kilograms per square meter, which is to be applied to the surface Each state will provide the least DFT warship value hedges of 1 mm.


according to The number of 2,5 structure: B ratio of 0.1 to create ..

How to use


surface treatment

to Sealing surface material to meet, and when necessary, add a powder cutting surface, must be clean and dry particles Stable and smooth oil-free, it can not be scratched or small. Smooth surface, hard water, you can skip this step.

More layer


Home and abroad, and to improve the health and additional layers Penetration, sewers and painting.


Film coating applied to leaking.


in In other words, you can draw with a spoon or rubber spray device the next two, three times. Once completely dry, you can paint it. Under normal circumstances, each After 24 hours, the direction, and a second image, perpendicular to the first image.


That The protective layer applications.


it Paint is waterproof and completely dry, but after the quality requirements, you can begin to protect the application layer ..



it It can not be touched in the air for a long time.

storage And you do not have a good  environment of air and light field application is Update.



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