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Environmental-friendly Coating,Primer and EmulsionEnvironmental-friendly Coating,Primer and EmulsionEnvironmental-friendly Coating,Primer and EmulsionEnvironmental-friendly Coating,Primer and Emulsion

Environmental-friendly Coating,Primer and Emulsion

  • Min. Order Quantity:5000kg
  • Supply  Ability    : 3000000kg/Month
  • Loading port       :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • Weight             :20kg/barrel,5kg/barrel,10kg/barrel
  • Color              : Oily Polyurethane: black and red
  •                      Waterborne Polyurethane :black/white/green/blue/red/grey


This is a synthetic polymer waterproof coating by two components reaction. Component A is a polyurethane prepolymer through the reaction between polyether polyol and isocyanate. Component B is a colorful liquid consisting of plasticizers, curing agents, thickeners, coagulants and fillers.


Oily Polyurethane: black and red

Waterborne Polyurethane :black/white/green/blue/red/grey

Where to use

·Undergrounds, cold stores and grade

·Bathroom, kitchen and pools

·Hard to dry substrate of underground construction

·Subways, channels, bridges, tunnels and unexposed roofs



· Can be applied on the wet underground substrate with strong bonding power

· Multipurpose to apply on horizontal planes, vertical planes and top planes

· Seamless, no pinholes and bubbles

· Liquid with cold applied

· Fast solidify and convenient to apply



Typical properties



Test Method



ASTM D 2240

Weight Loss


ASTM C 1250

Low temperature crack bridging

No cracking

ASTM C 1305

Film thickness(vertical surface)


ASTM C 836

Adhesion-in-peel after water immersion


ASTM C 794

Optional test after adhesion in peel

No separation at surface

ASTM C 836

Extensibility after hear aging

6.4mm (note 1) no cracking

ASTM C 1522


≥6 months

ASTM C 836


This material should be stored by sealed pails at dry and well-ventilated places and protected from sun or rain. The temperature in stored places can not be higher than 40° C. It can not be closed to fire sources. The normal shelf life is 12 months.



It is needed to be avoided sunshine and rain. Fire sources are forbidden during transportation.


Application System


Constructive System

The system is basically consisted of substrate, additional layer, waterproof coated membrane and protection layer.


1.7kg per m2 gives dft 1mm minimum. Coverage may vary with the substrate condition during application.


The ratio of component A to B is 1:2.5 according to the construction amount.


Application Method


Surface preparation

Surfaces should be dry, stable, clean, smooth, without pockmarks or honeycombs and free from any dusts, oil or loose particles. Cracks and surface irregularities need to be filled by sealants and do additional waterproofing. For smooth and stable surfaces, this step can be skipped.

 Additional layer

Paint it as additional layer to enhance at internal and external corners, drain pipes, floor drains or embedded parts.

 Application of waterproof coated membrane

It can use rubber scrapers or spray equipments to paint 2 or 3 times. After fully dry, it can be painted again. The normal time between each painting is 24 hour. The direction of second time painting needs to be perpendicular to the first time painting.

 Application of protection layer

After waterproof coated membrane is fully dry and meets quality requirements, it can begin application of protection layer.



The temperature for application should be above 5℃.

It has to be used out as soon as possible and no more than 20 minutes once opened.

It can not be exposed to the air for a long time.

The storage and application places should be well-ventilated and no fire

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