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China supplier bitumen roof membraneChina supplier bitumen roof membraneChina supplier bitumen roof membrane

China supplier bitumen roof membrane

  • Min. order Quantity: 2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability     : 1500000  Square meters/month
  • Port               :QINGDAO PORT
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • thickness          : 1.2m,1.5m,2.0m
  • width              :0.98m-1.05m
  • length             :10m-20m

China supplier bitumen roof membrane

1. Characteristic:

China supplier bitumen roof membrane has:

Self-adhesion without bonding agent,torching. 

Good rubber elasticity,and elongation.
Excellent adhesion bond.
Good self-coalescence.
Safe application,no pollution.
Excellent waterproof and high strength.
Corrosion resistance and aging-resistance.
Available for wet ground. 


2. Procedures:

Installation preparation  → Substrate treatment  → coat related substrate primer  → detail 

additional waterproof layer installation  → set datum line  → main self adhesive membrane 

installation  → exhaustion of air and surface rolling (steel wheel)  →  overlaps compaction and 

edges sealing  → vertical membrane terminals fix and sealing by membrane sealant inspection  → installation of protection and insulation layer 


3. Applicable scope:

China supplier bitumen roof membrane is widely used for waterproof working on 

the basement, roof and ground of industrial and civil architecture, especially for subway, tunnel and waterproof project constructed in rainy season.


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