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Cheap Geomembrane Waterproofing Membrane supplierCheap Geomembrane Waterproofing Membrane supplierCheap Geomembrane Waterproofing Membrane supplier

Cheap Geomembrane Waterproofing Membrane supplier

  • Min. Order Quantity: 10000 Square Meters
  • Supply  Ability: 600000 Square Meters /Month
  • Thickness:200g~1800g/ Square Meter
  • Color: white/black
  • Loading port    :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
Geomembrane Waterproofing Membrane 

Brief introduction:

Geomembrane very low permeability synthetic membranes can be used with any geotechnical engineering related material and used to play a liner or barrier to control fluid (or gas) project in artificial structures or systems. Geomembrane is made of a thin sheet of continuous polymerization, They may be impregnated geotextile asphalt made from elastomeric polymers or spray, or as a multi-layer composite asphalt surface. Continuous polymer sheet geomembrane is by far the most commonly used. 

Geomembrane waterproofing membrane characteristics:

1. New wet bonding technique: in wet curing reaction Between the cement paste and the polymer film and the structured layer It is firmly bonded to improve the reliability of the waterproof layer.

2. The waterproofing membrane is not bonded to the substrate, the substrate deformation and precipitation, does not affect Waterproof performance.

3. Excellent shock resistance and puncture resistance: Can Work under load and attack the steel cage, Eliminating the need for special protection needs.

4. Powerful self-healing function: unique self-healing capabilities to reduce slightly damaged building.

5. Excellent chemical resistance: resistance to good. From concrete, Domestic waste alkaline water has no effect on it.

6. The wet construction, removing the need for leveling layer, Limiting structure from the weather conditions.

7. Surface treatment: no oil to damp, no volatile substances.

8. no need to use cement mortar protective layer.

9. Cold construction, no adhesive, safe and environment-friendly


Our waterproofing membrane suitable for all kinds of underground caverns, tunnels, subways and other municipal waterproof project. 


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