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Asphalt Modified Waterproof MembraneAsphalt Modified Waterproof MembraneAsphalt Modified Waterproof Membrane

Asphalt Modified Waterproof Membrane

  • Min. order Quantity:2000 Square meters
  • Supply Ability :1500000 Square meters/month
  • Payment Term :L/C,T/T
  • thickness :2mm-5mm
  • width :1m,1.05m
  • length :7.5m-10m
First, the product overview
 "Dongsheng" brand SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane is based on polyester felt or fiberglass mat as the tire base, with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer as modifier, both covered with isolation Material made of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.
Second, product characteristics
* High tensile strength, elongation, can adapt to the needs of the base stretch or cracking deformation.
* Excellent low temperature performance (up to -25 ℃)
* Durable, long life, up to 30 years.
* Suitable for roofing, basement, pool, reservoir, subway and so on.
Third, construction requirements
 Primary treatment
 Grass-roots must be solid and flat, no crisp, from the skin phenomenon, the surface is not smooth or from the sand must be timely treatment, grass-roots moisture content of 9% in order to construction.
 Construction method
 Before the construction of the base surface brushing the primary treatment agent, treatment agent dry and then the construction of membrane. When the construction of the coil is positive, light gun, uniform heating coil and grass-roots, to be a layer of molten material on the surface, the rapid promotion of membrane bonding, and bonding surface rolling flat. Before the coil is completely cooled, the edge of the coil is smoothed with a spatula.
Fourth, the matters needing attention

* Winter construction should be selected according to local temperature conditions, different grades of products, pre-construction membrane should be stored at 4 ℃ above the place, handling and use of the process to prohibit smashing.
* Hot-melt construction, brushing the grass-roots treatment agent must be dry for 4 hours (not sticky feet is appropriate) above the roll paving operations only, the construction site should be equipped with appropriate fire fighting equipment.
5, packaging, transport and storage
* Products using plastic tape or paper packaging.
* Thickness: 2mm ~ 4mm Width: 1.0m Length: 7.5m, 10m, 15m
 * Store the product in the process of storage, should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, roll up, and placed no more than two layers, to prohibit access to fire.
* In transport to prevent sun and rain, to prevent collision, keep the package intact.
* In the normal storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life of the product is 12 months, more than the shelf life of the items specified in this standard can be tested, if the results meet the requirements can still be used.

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