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2mm/3mm/4mm self adhesive bitumen tape/flashing tape/bitumen adhesive tape2mm/3mm/4mm self adhesive bitumen tape/flashing tape/bitumen adhesive tape2mm/3mm/4mm self adhesive bitumen tape/flashing tape/bitumen adhesive tape2mm/3mm/4mm self adhesive bitumen tape/flashing tape/bitumen adhesive tape

2mm/3mm/4mm self adhesive bitumen tape/flashing tape/bitumen adhesive tape

  • Min. Order Quantity:  2000 Square Meters
  • Supply  Ability:      3000000 Square Meters /Month
  • Thickness :           1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm
  • Width:                20mm/33mm/50mm/100mm/as the request
  • Color:                black/white
  • Loading port:         QINGDAO
  • Payment Term :        L/C,T/T


Adhesive roofing flashing tape is a high-tech self-adhesive waterproofing membrane made without base material. With great elasticity, it can be self-healed in case it is punctured by sand or a sharp object. Great lap joint between two patches of membrane demonstrate its remarkable co-fusion and great elongation. With great bonding force, it won’t crack or come off the substrate to guarantee its waterproofing performance. The membrane with aluminum coating has great insulation when exposed to the sun, which offers normal temperature to the base. It is also specially designed for a sloping roof with hanging tiles and is suitable for roof made with tiles fixed by nails. The waterproofing layer is also watertight even after being punctured.



It boasts its great waterproofing and anti-ageing performance
It won’t flow at high temperature or crack at low temperature
Easily applied, it causes no pollution and embraces a long life-span.

Scope of application

1. It can serve as the superior sealing tape for ships working at general weather conditions.
2. It is applied to roofs of newly built structure, basement, construction joint for waterproofing purpose. It is also a watertight material used for the lap joint between high polymer waterproofing membranes.
3. It can make the construction joint of subway or tunnel of municipal engineering watertight or waterproof.
It is an ideal airtight waterproofing and shock-absorbing product at joint between colorful contour plates or at joint of polycarbonate sheets.

1. Make sure the substrate is clean without any greasy dirt or water vapor.
2. In order to guarantee the bonding force, the temperature shall be maintained at temperature higher than 5℃. Products used in cold conditions can be specially produced.
3. Avoid being mixed with waterproofing materials containing organic materials, such as benzene, methylbenzene, methyl alcohol, ethylene, silicone and etc.

Technical features
1. Easily and conveniently applied: the substrate should be cleaned and the tape shall be bonded to the substrate once for all.
2. Lenient requirement on application conditions: the temperature should be kept between -15℃ and 45℃. Construction is allowed when humidity maintains lower than 80%. Therefore, the product can adapt well to the environment.
3. Easy and reliable repair technique: apply thiswaterproofing tape to the leakage.

Construction tools
Cleaning tools, scissors, knives and etc.
Construction method:
1. Choose the product of proper dimensions according to the gap between the two joining parts, the width of lap joint, and engineering requirement.
2. Clean surface of the joining position and lap joint.
3. Starting from one side of the crack, peel off the isolation paper, then apply the tape along the joint, and then use your hands to press the bituminous tape to keep the joint securely bonded and well sealed.


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