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1.2mm building waterproofing material self adhesive bitumen membrane tape1.2mm building waterproofing material self adhesive bitumen membrane tape1.2mm building waterproofing material self adhesive bitumen membrane tape

1.2mm building waterproofing material self adhesive bitumen membrane tape

  • Min. Order Quantity:2000 Square Meters
  • Supply  Ability    : 3000000 Square Meters /Month
  • Loading port       :QINGDAO
  • Payment Term       :L/C,T/T
  • Thickness          :1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm
  • Width              :15mm/20mm/30mm50mm/100mm/as the request
  • Color              :black/white

Product Description

Self adhesive bitumen waterproof flashing tape is based on SBS / TP / leaching agent and asphalt, PE / aluminum foil as surface material or membraneless (double-sided adhesive), self adhesive waterproofing materials adopt the anti-sticking layer.Adhesive waterproof membrane material is a kind of new building waterproof material with have broad development prospect.

Self adhesive bitumen flashing tape is espcially designed for sealing. The product is a kind of polymer modified asphalt materials, using polyester or glass mat for the tire base, the surface covered with polyethylene film, aluminum foil or sand, the back is covered with a release sheet, keep the self adhesive modified bitumen flexible and waterproof. The product has a good self adhesive and bending properties. Because it is the strong viscosity, cold operation, no glue, so the operation is very simple, non-professional waterproof workers as long as can operate immediately after read the schematic operation. Accelerate the construction speed, saving time and labor. And in the process of construction, non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, safe and reliable.




  Test Method




          Backing type

        Aluminum foil,HDPE film


Adhesion to primed concrete


   ASTM D 1000

        Adhesion to steel


   ASTM D 1000



      BS 2782

        Tension N/50mm



 Temperature Resistance




1.Vehicle maintenance and repair, sealing around pipes and tanks, repairs to weatherproof enclosures, sealing over wood, concrete brick most metals and some plastics,

2.flashing of conservatories and porches, roof skirtings and parapet joints, sealing of skylights, vents, pipes, window sills and other openings, repair bandage for gutters and roofs, sealing glazing bars, cappings and protective coverings.

3.window and door ,corner boards, deck-to-wall intersections, foundation and sheathing sill splash back areas, sheathing panel seams, under stucco finishes, deck joists and other detail areas.


1. Self adhesion without bonding agent and torching. 

2. Good rubber elasticity and elongation 

3. Excellent binding power 

4. Good self-coalescence 

5. Safe application, no pollution 

6. Excellent waterproof ang high strength

7. Corrosion resistance and ageing-resistance

8. Available for wet ground

Company Information

Weifang Dongsheng waterproof material Ltd.,founded in 1995, formerly known as Weifang Dongsheng linoleum factory, is experienced in production, research, sales and construction.
The company has 5 automatic production lines, producing "Dongsheng" brand SBS, APP modified bitumen membrane, etc. totaling 15 million square meters. Its main products are: SBS waterproofing membrane, APP waterproofing membrane, EPDM waterproofing membrane, PVC waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive bitumen membrane, waterproofing coating series, asphalt waterproofing membrane, TPO waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive waterproof tape, waterproof geotextile totaling hundreds of varieties.
These products have significant performance at a reasonable price. We are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.



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