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what properties does the waterproof coating need?

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2017-02-08
             what properties does the waterproof coating need

Waterproof coating must have the following properties:

(1) solid content: refers to the proportion of solid content in waterproof coating. As the coating after brushing solid components formed by the coating, so the solid content and film thickness and film quality is closely related.

(2) heat resistance
Refers to the waterproof coating film after the water film does not occur under high temperature softening deformation, non-flowing properties. It reflects the high temperature performance of waterproof coating.

(3) flexibility
Refers to the waterproof coating film after the film at low temperature flexibility to maintain performance. It reflects the waterproof coating at low temperatures in the construction and use of performance.

(4) impermeability
Refers to the waterproof coating in a certain water pressure (hydrostatic or hydrostatic pressure) and a certain period of time there is no leakage of performance; waterproof coating to meet the requirements of the main water quality requirements.

(5) extensibility
Refers to the waterproof coating to adapt to the deformation of the base. Waterproof coating film must have a certain degree of extension, in order to adapt to the temperature difference, dry and wet and other factors caused by the deformation of the primary, to ensure waterproof effect.