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what need to take care when you apply in winter

  • Author:dongsheng-eva
  • Release on :2016-12-01
 what need to take care when you construe in winter
with the winter 's coming ,but the building will not stop, so what need to take care when you apply.winter,today dongsheng waterproof  will tell you the notice when conatruction .
1.Anti-personal injury, anti-skid accident
1)The operator must wear non-slip shoes, non-slip gloves, good anti-skid, antifreeze measures: high operating personnel must be required to correctly wear seat belts, work must be linked to the safety belt hooks secure objects.

2)Due to the cold weather, people's response is relatively slow, requiring staff to be careful when operating, not risk or illegal operations. Climbing operations to do a good job protective measures, any place to be wearing a good helmet, especially in the floor around the eaves when the construction should pay more attention.

3)Ground floor area of water, snow or water left after the frozen skid, easy to produce slip falls accident.