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what need to do in winter for the waterproof

  • Author:mark
  • Release on :2016-12-02

In winter weather is cold and have less rain, people usually did not roof waterproof , but also can do roofing waterproof winter, because winter is cold, so that when we want to pay special attention to choose waterproof material, must choose polyester tire of waterproofing materials, and the specifications of the waterproofing degree can reach the lowest temperature region, hebei cangzhou area, for example, choose to 20 degrees of waterproofing materials, because of the temperature of the cangzhou sometimes also can reach more than ten degrees below zero, if selected some low degree of waterproofing materials, heat bilges cold shrink coil surface prone to crack!Small make up remind everybody to want to choose normal brand waterproof material, the waterproof construction engineering quality and after-sales service is good.

For some owners want to do toilet waterproof, also can do.In as long as the temperature of 5 ℃ above can construction, waterproof material can choose a two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, construction time can choose in the middle of the day, in order to make the polyurethane waterproof coating curing, properly in just finished brushing polyurethane waterproof coating for 2 hours, let workers open the toilet bath bully of ventilator, accelerate the air circulation, three time brushing a two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, a total construction for 3 days, after again paint should be in before the coating is fully cured besmear to brush again.Small make up tips: in snowy, or construction of good, don't temperature is too low (less than 5 ℃) may affect curing waterproof coating.Winter construction especially pay attention to besmear to brush every times scumble, local welding thick!DangTu film cured completely, can choose the polymer cement waterproof mortar as a protective layer.

Polymer cement waterproof mortar should be layered construction, the first layer of polymer cement waterproof mortar after the initial setting, add a second polymer cement waterproof mortar.In general, the polymer cement waterproof mortar initial setting time of 4 hours, but low winter temperatures, after 6 hours or longer on the second floor construction.Polymer cement waterproof mortar layer thickness to 5 mm finally, again in the above;Laying brick layer.24 hours after the waterproof layer construction, should be carried out in conjunction with the user's downstairs closed water test.After test, into the next construction process.