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what is the thickness should the waterproof layer make?

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2017-11-02
1, the shower waterproof, who will do?

Now the shower is by doing waterproof Mason, because no trained professional waterproof Mason, the waterproof material, waterproof construction points and precautions are not clear. Think that as long as the material to do on the good, in fact, a lot of waterproof coating is a two component, need to be in accordance with a certain proportion of mixing to construction; therefore, after the decoration or leakage phenomenon. Waterproof construction has a set of standard program requirements, not to take the material to do; so should ask professional waterproof company and professional waterproof construction personnel to construction.

2, the bathroom wall waterproof should do?

Everyone will find the bathroom wall on the other side often see paint shell (peeling), generally do not think because toilet wall is not waterproof caused. In fact, because water vapor in the bathroom on the other side of the skin by the wall paint. So the bathroom wall waterproofing layer height, should be in the position of the roof. It is suggested that the wall of toilet should be waterproof, and the actual height is more than 1 meters. It will not cost much.

3, toilet waterproof when to do?

Finished after the grassroots began to do waterproof. In general do waterproof layer, we neglect a problem, is the basic level of waterproof layer; as long as the material is bought, in fact is not good; good material base on which are not waterproof effect; so the basic quality not an important role on the waterproof; on the base the requirement is not sand, not smooth, no cracks, hollowing; different materials and different humidity of the base of the requirements; if the pipe should be repaired after burying ground slot can do waterproof layer.