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water basement

  • Author:Mark Hao
  • Release on :2016-12-16
Acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane coating for concrete and masonry surfaces

MonoProof LWP is a two component acrylic modified elastomeric waterproofing which consists of specialty hard-wearing aggregates and liquid acrylic emulsion.

Repair defects in poured concrete walls such as cracks and the places where pipes and form tie rods go all the way through the concrete. If you see a crack in a concrete wall it goes all the way through the wall to the outside and is a potential source of water. For cracks that will not experience any thermal or structural movement, DRYLOK Fast Plug is very effective in sealing cracks in the masonry. Another reliable way to repair a wall crack is with an injection of construction-grade epoxy that penetrates the crack all the way from inside to outside, bottom to top. Generally, an experienced crack repair technician is the best choice for this. Do-it-yourself kits of epoxy and polyurethane systems are available, but are less reliable.