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Which waterproofing material should be selected about the bathroom waterproofing

  • Author:Dongsheng-Eva
  • Release on :2016-08-19

Bathroom's own property determines they must do waterproofing work, of course, the bathroom waterproof need to do work there are many, bathrooms waterproofing works is a relatively hidden works, some families often mistakenly think bathroom, kitchen and other interior decoration waterproof engineering area is not large, with waterproof coating after will be on top with cement and tile, and does not cause pollution.

1. cement mortar waterproof material: as one of the new waterproof materials, is currently selling quite a fire material. The material is a kind of special adhesive (a bit like special glue) stirring and blending Microfine Cement and sand dust. The characteristics of sand dust determines its robustness, this is its advantages.

2. Acrylic waterproof material: application of acrylic acid of the earliest and largest in green paint and coatings. The biggest characteristic of this material is water to dilute the water soluble materials, and colorless and tasteless, but after conjunctival is indeed abnormally dense waterproof material. So now the paint basically than before the smell of paint. This material in the conjunctiva after have considerable flexibility and ductility decided he would not with primary settling and dislocation and fracture.

3. polymer waterproof material: this kind of commonly referred to as JS coating. This kind of material is made of rubber source multi chain polymer material. It has good ductility and flexibility. Colorless and tasteless, has a good environmental protection.