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Which type of waterproof layer needs to be protected

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-06-19
Inside the waterproof membrane manufacturers: many users want to know what types of waterproof layer need to do protective layer, waterproof main indoor and outdoor waterproof, usually in the home bathroom renovation finished waterproof layer also need to continue after the tile construction, Construction will be directly touch the waterproof layer, it is easy to constitute a waterproof layer damage. If not found in time to repair the damage will cause leakage, so we should finish the protective layer and then behind the tile construction process. Or in the waterproof layer to do temporary protection and then construction.
Outdoor waterproof, like the roof of the building laying waterproof layer, if the roof, often encountered damage, some activities of the roof, the need to do waterproof protective layer, you can protect the waterproof layer, from damage, and can delay the waterproof The elapsed age of the layer.
But the drawback is that once the leakage, the leak is not sure, you have to drop the protective layer for waterproof repair, and now there are many outdoor waterproofing membrane, such as aluminum foil surface, sand surface, rock surface and so on. The following are the same as the "
Aluminum foil surface waterproof membrane to the maximum limit of the reflection of the sun's rays, and then reduce the indoor temperature, and can greatly extend the life of the roof waterproof layer, sand surface waterproof membrane can increase the wear resistance of the waterproof membrane, even if some people contact The problem is not, so, as to what waterproof layer is necessary to do protective layer, you need to be based on the situation, including a variety of elements.