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What is the application methods of SBS Modified bitumen membrane?

  • Author:Dongsheng-eva
  • Release on :2016-08-03

Application Method

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be dry, clean, smooth and free from any dusts, oil or loose particles. Cracks and surface irregularities need to be filled by polymer mortar.


Before membrane laying, substrate treating agent need to be brushed evenly and completely cover all laying places.

Membrane laying

For adhesion between membrane and substrate or membranes, it can use hot melt method or cold adhesion method. According to application designs and specific applied parts, it can be applied by fully adhered method, strip adhered method and border adhered method.

Sealing, fixing and constraining on vertical surfaces

On vertical surfaces, fix with metal battens and seal with sealants for membranes.

Application on protection and isolation layer

After membrane laying, apply on protection and isolation layer according to waterproof layer design.