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What are the requirements for the acceptance range of waterproof engineering construction quality

  • Author:christy
  • Release on :2017-11-21
What are the requirements for the acceptance range of waterproof engineering construction quality
Waterproof engineering construction quality acceptance standard requirement is very strict, and also need to have qualified products report and the performance test report, construction, according to the standard of waterproof engineering construction quality, to ensure waterproof project completed smoothly.
On waterproof engineering construction quality acceptance standard of the scene, we must be well prepared about waterproof construction specifications, for example, have to be at the time of inspection waterproof engineering, completes the relevant provision of sampling the reinspection, and need to make the test report, if we met products unqualified materials never can be used in waterproof engineering for construction.
Especially for the underground waterproof engineering for construction, determine the specific foundation pit or concealed excavation method in the shaft excavation method, and the mouth of the cave, the underground waterproof engineering must be very good to keep the underground water level under basal remain stable, when necessary, it is necessary for us to go to waterproof precipitation measures as soon as possible.
Because a lot of the structure of the underground waterproof project in the face of the waterproof layer during the processing of must pay attention to, be sure to note on a rainy day, or can be in a snowy day and fresh breeze of time within the construction waterproof layer above, because doing so for the construction of the building environment, and the air temperature has a great impact of waterproof project, will eventually cause building waterproof effect is bad.
So, we suggest that the builders of waterproof construction in construction engineering, we must pay attention to is to ensure the whole process carried out in accordance with the waterproof construction quality standard construction, and to waterproof engineering construction quality acceptance within the scope of individual projects is very be necessary.