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What are the factors that affect the construction effectiveness of the waterproofing membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-07-31
Waterproofing membrane in the construction of many factors will affect the progress of the project, the same factors will also affect the waterproofing membrane after the completion of the construction of the waterproof effect, then what factors will affect the construction of waterproof membrane it?
Below Shandong Dongsheng Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. to tell you about what under the circumstances will affect the construction of waterproofing membrane, and even seriously affect the waterproof construction of the membrane after the completion of the waterproof performance and effectiveness.
For example, in the surrounding environment is more humid building grassroots, coupled with the rainy season is not smooth, relatively easy water environment, there are some uneven in the bumps or depression of the building grassroots and so on will affect the environment To waterproof sheet after the performance of the performance show.
If the construction in the above environment, waterproofing membrane in the grass-roots bonding will waste a lot of manpower and material resources, and even a lot of time after a waste of time after the laying of waterproofing effect will not be obvious, there is a lot of waste Of the waterproof membrane material. In addition, in the perennial multi-typhoon invasion of the area should not be waterproof construction.