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Waterproofing is the key to reducing damage to asphalt pavement

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-29
Asphalt pavement of various diseases are varying degrees of groundwater and surface water damage. Waterproofing is an important measure to improve the durability of asphalt concrete, or even a fundamental measure. Asphalt pavement damage caused by water damage is one of the main reasons is too large asphalt mixture voids. The relevant information, the porosity of 8% to 12%, the surface water is most likely to invade the surface layer mixture, once the asphalt surface layer contains a certain amount of water, water will be free flowing within the asphalt mixture, coupled with vehicles The repeated action of the load, the surface layer of water pressure power, this part of the water gradually penetrated into the interface between the asphalt and aggregate, the asphalt film gradually from the aggregate surface, eventually leading to asphalt and aggregate bond Force loss, resulting in damage to water damage. Therefore, the asphalt mixture waterproof material requirements, but also reduce the key to the destruction of asphalt pavement.
Bituminous materials Asphalt pavement used in asphalt materials are asphalt, coal tar, liquid petroleum asphalt and asphalt emulsion. The types of bituminous materials used in the asphalt pavement shall be determined according to the type of road surface, construction conditions, regional climatic conditions, construction season and the properties and sizes of the mineral materials. But the asphalt material by heating (production is generally heated to 170 ℃ ~ 180 ℃), the pore water from the liquid into a gas, due to volume expansion, most of the water vapor from the pores in the discharge, the hot asphalt surface tension is small, and Dry aggregate wetting properties are particularly good, so hot asphalt will easily enter the aggregate pore to go, so that harmful water evaporation, reduce the damage to the asphalt pavement.