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Waterproofing Membrane Construction Fire Work

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-09-05
Polymeric self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is made of rubber, petroleum asphalt as base material, adding filler material, top cover aluminum foil, bottom cover polyethylene film, and then refined through a special process, has a very good extension performance and bonding Performance and other advantages.
   Polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane in the construction, the need to do the following work to ensure that the construction of fire safety.
   1, the construction site should be strictly prohibited fireworks, the operator must wear a helmet, with a good work gloves, when the use of ointment, adhesive, the operation of workers should pay attention to avoid its violation of the human body;
   2, the roll with the adhesive should be stacked in accordance with the provisions of the safety fire regulations in the designated place, the stack can not be more than 5 layers, to be managed by hand, designated hand configuration adhesive, materials, adhesives should be away from the supply , To avoid sun exposure;
   3, tools, materials should be trail or upgrade delivery, is strictly prohibited litter;
   4, the operator in the construction must wear soft soled shoes to protect semi-finished products, finished products;
   5, to civilized construction, safe production, so that work orderly, the management of chapter, work finished clean site clean;
   6, in the construction site, construction workers should be holders of posts, to seriously implement the site of the system requirements;
   7, before the construction of technology to do the end of the construction process should be strictly implemented construction technology measures and construction specifications;
   8, wall operation, the operating platform shelves or high stool to set up a firm, in line with the construction requirements.