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Waterproofing Industry Will Encounter a Big Reshuffle

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-08-10

Waterproofing Industry Will Encounter a Big Reshuffle

The waterproofing industry is trapped in depression at present, with capacity utilization falling to less than 60%. In fierce competition, counterfeit or fake products and non-standard products sprung up everywhere. Waterproofing industry is now challenged by high cost of raw materials, bad sales situation, and embarrassing import.

In the waterproofing industry, there is no giant enterprise leading the whole industry which could occupy a great market share. According to recent studies, the market share controlled by the top 50 enterprises could only account for 23%, while the share occupied by the top 10 corporations in cement industry takes up 53%, which means there need to be a leading industry guiding the development of the waterproofing industry.

Taitou is the home to waterproofing membranes, with many factories or mills producing SBS waterproofing membrane, APP waterproofing membrane, EPDM waterproofing membrane, PVC waterproofing membrane, PE-PP waterproofing membrane, non-asphalt macromolecular self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, TPO waterproofing membrane, self-adhesive waterproofing tape and geotextile and etc. There are a tremendous amount of companies offering waterproofing products. However, this industry requires a giant to light the way to waterproofing future.