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Root ResistanceWaterproof Membrane for Roofing Information

  • Author:Dong-Sheng Rebeca
  • Release on :2016-07-22

Project Profile

Green roofs constructon

To satisfy the needs of the owner for a long-term solution to provide more years of protection for a stateof-the-art green roof assembly.

An edge-to-edge applications with root planting roof membrane resistance encompassing all the planter and field area that includes the ability to trigger membrane architecture to match concrete elements of existing designs. Considered the gold standard for green roofing technology according to the U.S., Roof Planting with root resistance membrane system is featured in Green Roof interviews in China.

Hospital reen roof construction


Provide a reliable, long-term waterproofing solution for a large landscaped roof garden located directly above critical care facilities. Roof garden design Incorporated tree pits, planters, grass, and hardscaped walking area, with total soil thickness of up to three feet deep.

Complete edge-to-edge encapsulation of the parapet wall and roof deck structure Planting with root membrane resistance, followed by the installation of landscaped overburden assembly. Hospital patients and their families are able to enjoy the silence of the roof garden, while these facilities remain below leak-free and fully productive.