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Waterproof material industry of our country building demand continues to grow

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-09-14

  Waterproof material industry of our country building demand continues to grow

The waterproof construction industry of our country in the current market conditions, is still in its stage of development, the demand for materials such as polyethylene polypropylene or increasing, improving of China's urban landscape, coupled with the continuous expansion of real estate developers, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, these have prompted the waterproof material is in short supply situation.

Building waterproof materials has a very wide range of applications, the main application fields include building roofing, underground waterproof, resistant to root penetration waterproofing materials such as external and internal;Repair of the bridge, highway and high speed railway tunnel and underground space;City roads and Bridges and other municipal works;Underground rail transit project;Diversion channels, reservoirs, DAMS, water conservancy project hydropower station and water treatment, etc. Can be used to polyethylene polyester waterproofing products.Along with society's progress and the development of architectural technology, the application will building waterproof materials is expanded to more areas.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, increase of investment in fixed assets, construction of water conservancy engineering and nuclear engineering, railway, airport, highway traffic engineering, Bridges, ports and other infrastructure construction industry has obtained the good, with the rapid development of building waterproof materials demand gap is more and more big.By the influence of the development of the macroeconomic situation, the domestic real estate and construction industry, the future a lot of infrastructure construction and urban rapid development, the demand of the Chinese building waterproof materials and production will increase.