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Waterproof construction measures in winter

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-21
First,the winter construction measures 1. Winter construction objectives (1) to strengthen the preparation of winter facilities, ready for heat in advance. (2) to strengthen the preparation of winter facilities to improve the quality of winter construction work. (3) to improve the quality of people, in order to meet the requirements of winter facilities management, winter management personnel to carry out systematic training. 2. Preparation of winter construction (1) production preparation ① combined with the characteristics of the winter construction facilities required for the preparation of labor, materials, etc. into the production plan. ② winter construction should be shut down and retaining the envelope. ③ temporary equipment and facilities for winter maintenance, on-site mixing hanger, hoist hanger, fire fighting facilities and parts of the winter frost maintenance to ensure the normal use of winter. (2) technical preparation ① combined with the principles of winter construction and engineering characteristics of the preparation of the construction program. ② in the winter before the construction of technical cadres for professional training.
(1) at room temperature into the winter construction temperature control. ① low temperature construction: When the atmospheric temperature is below 10 ℃, that is transferred to winter construction. ② When the average daily temperature of outdoor day is less than 5 ℃, all construction projects will be transferred to winter construction. (2) Roofing works ① Roof construction of the winter construction, should be no windy eyes Lang weather, make full use of sunshine conditions to improve surface temperature. Conditions in the wind should be set up activities of the wind screen device. ② all layers of the roof before the construction, the grass should be above the snow. Frost and debris clean up. The materials used shall not contain ice and ice. ③ polyurethane film with water removal temperature of not less than 5 ℃ in the construction, such as the temperature below the above requirements should be taken to freeze insulation measures. Rain and snow shall not be construction. ④ leveling layer for the cement mortar, the mortar strength level shall not be less than M5, mortar can be mixed with sodium chloride as antifreeze. After the completion of construction for thermal protection. ⑤ waterproof layer with the coil, the grass should be dry and smooth, first coated with cold base oil, hot melt method can be applied. Hot-melt method construction temperature should not be lower than -10 ℃. (2) Plastering works ① In the indoor plaster, the doors and windows should be sealed, windows and doors seam side seam and scaffolding. Holes should also be blocked. Construction hole imports. Transport materials and stairs, etc. do a good job closed insulation. In the outdoor temperature should not be less than 5 ℃, otherwise the impact on project quality. ② plaster need masonry, the temperature should be maintained at 5 ℃ or more, so that when not wetting the wall of ice, mortar and wall bonding firm. ③ plaster used in mortar, should be in the room temperature or temporary greenhouse in the production. Mortar temperature should be used in more than 5 ℃. In order to obtain the mortar should have temperature, can be used with hot water mixing. ④ mixing plaster mortar, you can add appropriate antifreeze. Antifreeze should be prepared by hand, according to the total water content of mortar, including the sand content of water.