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Waterproof and construction engineering

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-02-21
Building waterproofing is an important part of construction projects, a direct impact on the life of the building and people living in life. Therefore, the discussion on the application of waterproofing technology in construction engineering is necessary.
        Strict control of waterproof material
First of all, we should try to use modern new materials, to strengthen the promotion and application of new materials, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the project, but also to meet the green concept of environmental protection building requirements. Second, in the procurement of materials, to do the brand quality products, to strengthen the understanding of the market dynamics, try to choose a good reputation, excellent quality of the manufacturers, and effectively ensure the quality of materials. Third, to strengthen the management of the material management, to ensure that waterproof materials have qualified quality assurance and factory certification, the material arrived at the construction site, but also by the material re-test to ensure that re-test qualified before they can be put into use, put an end to and prohibit Unqualified construction materials admission. Fourth, to strengthen the protection of finished products.
        Construction control
To paint, for example, first of all, the rational allocation of construction materials. In the construction of construction materials, we must strictly in accordance with the instructions, and strictly control the material mix, to combine the construction requirements, the scientific division of the construction site. Second, to control the time interval, not too long, can not be too short. In the brushing, to combine the design requirements, many times until the design standards meet.
        Construction details
        In the construction of waterproof construction, to grasp the details of the construction. Second, to strengthen the control of weak parts of the water leakage, such as root, yin and yang angle, floor drain and other locations, you can add a layer, making the waterproof performance enhancement; Second, to strengthen the control of the weak parts of the water, Third, for the sealing material can not have collapse, bubbling or cracking, and the combination of the wall to be strong, and the pressure to be tight.
        Update the concept, strengthen the waterproofing technology
In the construction of construction, to change the concept, enhance the sense of water, well designed to strengthen supervision and management, fully understand the importance of waterproofing technology, increase supervision, combined with engineering requirements and design requirements, it is necessary to ensure the quality of design, but also Up to water requirements.
First of all, should improve the management methods, improve the management system, strengthen the construction quality management, to ensure the standardization of water conservancy construction, to avoid management out of control and engineering quality decline.
Second, we should improve the quality of personnel. To improve the quality of the designer. Designers not only have good professional knowledge and ability, but also have a high professionalism. Management personnel to improve their management capacity, adhere to the people-oriented, to strengthen the organization and management of all aspects. Construction workers to strengthen the sense of responsibility, in strict accordance with the engineering requirements, standardize the construction operation, especially for some new technology, new technology applications, to effectively grasp.
Finally, regular maintenance. Buildings are affected by the external climate, will be with the passage of time, constantly aging, and thus must strengthen the construction of regular maintenance. For example: roof waterproof layer, its long-term rain washed rinse, and then after the sun exposure, the level of aging is inevitable, so must be through maintenance to extend its life, so as to obtain long-term benefits.