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Waterproof Membrane Types Information

  • Author:DongSheng-Rebeca
  • Release on :2016-08-25

Waterproofing Membrane Types

Waterproof membrane materials are mainly uesd for building wall,roof,and tunnels,highways,the place such as landfill,resist the outside rain,groundwater seepage of aflexible roll into flexible building materials products,as a foundation for engineering and no leakage connection between building,is the first barrier of thr engineering of waterproof,plays an vital role in the whole project.the main products include asphalt waterproofing materials and high polymer waterproofing sheets.

Dipping pitch classes or polymer waterproof material on the tire body, made of waterproof material products,provide in the form of coil,known as waterproofing materials.According to the main material is different,divide into asphalt waterproofing materials,polymer modified asphalt waterproofing materials and synthetic polymer waterproof coiled material;depending on the tire body is divide into no tire body coil,paper tires coil,glass fiber coil,glass cloth tire and polythylene tire coil.

Waterproof membrane material requirements with good resistance to water,the stability of the temperature change (not flowing under high temperature,no bubbles,no Xiao move;low temperature embrittlement),a certain mechanical strength,extensibility and resistance to fracture,must have certain flexibility and aging resistance,etc

Waterproof membrane material is a kind of flexible sheet waterproof material.Is one of the important varieties of construction waterproof material.

According to its main composition of waterproof materials can be divided into asphalt waterproofing materials.polymer modified waterproofing materials and synthetic polymer waterproofing materials (polyethylene polypropylene composite membrane) three categories.With PVC,EVA,PE,and other waterproofing materials.

Asphalt waterproof membrane material is in the tire (such as paper,fiber fabric) after dip-coating on asphalt,again in isolated surface spraying powder or flake material and flexible sheet of waterproof material.