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Waterproof Coating

  • Author:DongSheng-Rebeca
  • Release on :2016-08-18

Waterproof Coating

According to its uses ,waterproof materials can be divided into many types,this news mainly describes the most widely used building waterproofing coating.

Building waterproof coating with synthetic polymer materials,asphalt,polymer modified asphalt,inorganic materials as the mian body with the right amount of fertilzer ,modified materials,filling materials for processing.Compared with the waterproofing materials,waterproofing coating is simple and convenient construction,suitable for any shape of the base level,and can form a closely seamless coating ,therefore,waterproof  coating has been widely used in various kinds of waterproof project,and at  the same time achieved rapid development.

Building waterproof coating is a kind of building waterproof material,the coating alone or with tire body reinforced material compound,layered coating or caoting on the surface of the base that need to be waterproof processing,canbe formed a continuous seamless whole under the normal  atmospheric temperatureand has a certain thickness of coating membrane,which can satisfy the industrial and civil architecture roofing,basement,toilet and waterproof inpermeability requirements in areas such as the exterior walls.Waterproof coating is general by asphalt,synthetic polymer and cement or inorganic composite materials as the mian film-forming material,mixed with the right amount of pigments,additives,solvents and other processing made of the solvent,the other type or a type of reaction,in normal temperature on the afternoon of fixed in the shape of a sticky liquid or solid powder state of liquefiable composites containing polymer composite materials.