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The physical properties of pp pe waterproof membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-08-21
Here to tell us about the physical properties of polypropylene (pp pe waterproof membrane):
    1. form
    The longitudinal sides of polypropylene are smooth and smooth.
    2. density
    The biggest advantage of polypropylene is the texture of light, its density is only 0.91g / cm3 is the most common chemical fiber density of the lightest varieties, so the same weight of polypropylene than other fibers get a higher coverage area.
    3. Strong stretch
    Polypropylene high strength, elongation, the initial modulus is higher, excellent flexibility. So good wear resistance of polypropylene. In addition, the wet strength of polypropylene is basically equal to dry strong, so it is the ideal material for making fishing nets and cables.
    4. Hygroscopicity and dyeing
    Quality and warm and good; almost no moisture, but the wicking ability is very strong, moisture perspiration obvious; polypropylene hygroscopicity is very small, almost no moisture, the general conditions of moisture regain near zero. But it has a wicking action, through the capillary in the fabric to pass water vapor, but it can not afford any absorption. Polypropylene dyeing poor, incomplete chromatography, but can be used to make up the liquid color method to make up for inadequate.
    5. Acid and alkali resistance
    Polypropylene has good resistance to chemical corrosion, in addition to concentrated nitric acid, concentrated caustic soda, the polypropylene and acid resistance to alkali and good performance, so suitable for use as filter materials and packaging materials.
    6. Light resistance and so on
    Polypropylene light is poor, thermal stability is also poor, easy to aging, impatient ironing. But can be added by adding anti-aging agent in the spinning, to improve its anti-aging properties. In addition, the electrical insulation of polypropylene is good, but easy to produce static electricity during processing. As the thermal conductivity of polypropylene is small, good warmth.
    7. high strength
    Polypropylene stretch yarn strength after the nylon, but the price is only nylon 1/3; made fabric size and stability, wear elasticity is also good, good chemical stability. But the thermal stability is poor, intolerant to the sun, easy to aging fragile, this is often added in the anti-aging agent in polypropylene.