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The new material: High polymer polyethylene waterproof membrane

  • Author:dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-08-24

Polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof coiled material using polymer cement adhesive felt, in rain water content of 50% above) construction. Polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane from grass-roots water ratio of less than 9% of restrictions to ensure the construction progress.

Structural characteristics of polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof coiled material:

Three layer structure, surface enhancement.

Core layer: the main anti water layer with a high degree of support (large molecular side chain) of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Its extension, water permeability, softness, puncture resistance, low temperature performance is better.

Non woven polypropylene fiber (polyester) surface by and the core layer in the composite, which solves the problem of polyethylene linear expansion coefficient. Increase the product surface roughness provides the friction coefficient of the products, and make the bonding problem of the composite membrane can be solved, the cement bonding.