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The new R & D center officially put into use

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-10
Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force and foundation for the sustained and stable development of enterprises. To further enhance the R & D capability of enterprises through scientific research means to achieve cost reduction efficiency and enhance the value-added products and core competitiveness, Dongsheng waterproof company in May 2016, Yu million, the original site of the original boiler room was transformed, expansion, construction of the company's new R & D center, and in December this year, officially put into use.
After the completion of the research and development center, a total of 560 square meters, divided into asphalt membrane laboratory, plastic coil laboratory, mechanical laboratories, rubber membrane laboratory, high and low temperature laboratory, paint laboratory and integrated laboratory research and development area, and Purchase and installation of automatic asphalt softening point tester, electric blast oven, digital mortar impermeable instrument, cement concrete temperature and humidity standard curing box, polyurethane pilot plant, electronic universal tensile machine, and other advanced research and development and testing Test equipment, can contract raw materials into the factory testing, semi-finished products testing, product testing and other factory tasks, with the quality testing, new product development, product function extension test integration.
R & D center put into use, the company's R & D work in the hardware level and then on a new level, to provide a more efficient scientific research workers, accurate and convenient working environment, and has been waterproof Association and peer widely praised. Waterproof companies will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen scientific research, and strive to develop a unique technical performance and cost advantages, the application of the advantages of new products and new technologies to enhance their technological strength and comprehensive competitiveness.